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We help companies plan and achieve their community engagement and CSR goals. We consult on the best strategies for maximum impact, we design your strategies, and we bring them to life through impactful STEM workshops

Our Services


CSR Goals

We consult your company on effective ways to reach your CSR* goals. We analyze your company's current impact and advise on new and creative ways to improve. 


Community Engagement

We design your company's community engagement 

strategies. What segments of the community should we reach out to? How can we incorporate corporate volunteering without it becoming a burden? How do we establish lasting impact? We will help you answer these questions by creating a sustainable and high-impact community engagement strategy. 


Impactful Events

We execute impactful events to encourage gender equality and/or STEM in your  community. We partner your company with schools in your community, design hands-on STEM workshop, and train your employees to lead these workshops. Our workshops can also be adapted to fit other occasions.

*Corporate Social Responsibility


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Managing Director

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